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Welcome to LiveSquare Security. We are an anti-cyber warfare company. We deliver real-time, global, data driven security technology for your enterprise while saving you time, personnel expenses, and money.

The speed, quality, and quantity of new threats to Internet systems and software have been dramatically increasing. Attackers now use automation, global collaboration, seek greater efficiency, and are developing ever more powerful threats every day.

Companies face growing challenges to securing their systems, and are facing greater liability for breaches and loss.

Our technologies and services are real-time, seamless, effective, and have a proven track record of success. Our technologies use automation and collaboration to dramatically improve security across both the network and application layers while lowering costs significantly. We operate a distributed neural computing grid (cloud computing) creating a virtual supercomputer that performs massively parallel analysis and moves information rapidly.

We coordinate and manage a "global collaboration for mutual defense"™ that places your enterprise into "the safest neighborhood on the Internet."™ Our technologies are constantly updated and upgraded as part of a continuous improvement process. They are upgraded automatically. Our networking technologies are self-healing, self-patching, and self-auditing.

Our technologies reduce your expenses for security and stop attackers cold using automation, but they also increase your ability to "know and sense" when attacks are occurring and "what is being targeted".

Being on the front lines every day keeps our knowledge, methods, and technologies on the forefront. Whether your company is small or large, LiveSquare Security offers a powerful, yet cost effective, solution to stop attackers cold.

Our team is small and battle hardened. We offer white label consulting, allowing other security companies to access and use our team for their projects. You will find our team members throughout the industry and the marketplace.

We stand ready to help secure your networks, web applications, and software.

Contact Us today and learn what LiveSquare Security can do for your company.

  We detect between 1 and 10 million unique aggressors per every 24 hours.

We are also actively tracking 100,000+ malware / phishing domains at least once every 30 seconds.


A brief video on our anti-cyberwarfare technology.

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