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We are team of talented cybersecurity professionals from the front lines of cyber warfare.

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About Us

LiveSquare Security has a long history of success in cybersecurity.

Our diverse team of professionals are among the top cybersecurity talent in:

  • Blue Team (CND)
  • Red Team (CNA)
  • Digital Forensics / Incident Response (DFIR)
  • Secure software development

  • We are staffed with only United States and US friendly countries
  • Our team is constantly vetted for security, safety, and integrity
  • We utilize a very challenging recruiting process to source only the top talent

Capable cybersecurity talent is getting harder to find. This is why we utilize the national Cyber Warfare Foundation, its cyber warfare ranges, its educational collaborations, and its corporate partners to source our team.

We also utilize a continuous recruiting process to vet and know a new staff prospect well before they are allowed to serve our clients.

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Happy Clients our team serves clients accross a wide spectrum of industries including commercial business, critial industries, cryptocurrency, financial, and many more industries/sectors.

Projects our clients frequently leverage our team for multiple projects. We perform faster, more reliably, and with ease of operational transition.

Accumulated years of experience our team is mature, experienced, and has a long track record of success.

Commercial Applications our team has developed and transitioned many projects from idea to production. We then transition ownership to our clients.


Our team is experienced in all aspects of cybersecurity. here are a few highlights.

Cybersecurity Assessments

From simple Vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and all the way to strategic consulting on technologies / methodologies / design, and systems.

Secure Software development

Our team of coders has a strong background in application development. Including commercial software, mobile applications, and proprietary applications.


Our teams experience is frequently utilized to advise ad consult on cybersecurity topic / operations / matters. We provide highly tailored consulting services in many specialities within cybersecurity.

Online System Defenses

As the world becomes a more dangerous place with ever growing threats, being able to effectively and cost-efficiently operate online assets / networks becomes more important. Our team comes from the front lines of cyber warfare. We have developed many techniques, tactics, and practices that are well tested to survive in an ever changing cybersecurity world.

Value for your investment

Effective cybersecurity is elusive and the pursuit is very costly. Our experienced team helps your organization get right to the best solution for your investment. this saves money and time. there is no substitute.

Ideas in to reality

Bringing ideas from concept to reality is a risky process with many potential pitfalls. Many projects fail due to utilization of less experienced teams. Mitigate your project risk by leveraging a well experienced team that maintains its knowledge on the front lines of cyber warfare..

Ubiquitous computing / services

In our world today, people demand immediate and secure access to information / services / and technologies. Our innovative team specializes in massive information systems and making them secure accessable around the world..

Reliable technologists are hard to find

Every project we do involves a well managed project plan with engineers that are easily accessable. We needed we can offer 24x7x365 support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your offer discreet / white label services?

Yes. Our team is vetted for their ability to keep a secret. We keep lots of them.

Where does your team operate?

We maintain access to many offices around the world. However, the majority of our team works remotely.

How do we get started?

The best method is to send an email to us ([email protected]). From there virtual or physical meetings are arranged.

What are the contract types available?

We offer fixed-price, monthly retainer, and monthly operations / support contracts.

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LiveSquare Security

A C-corp registered in South Dakota, USA. Our team is located throughout the United States of America.


2487 S. Gilbert Rd
Ste 106-141
Gilbert AZ, 85295

Legal: 25 First Ave. SW
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Watertown SD, 57201